NObama Undoubtedly…

More than anything this is an update and somewhat of a commentary on the current political atmosphere here in the good ole U.S. of A. I am sickened to see the momentum for this atrocity of a universal healthcare “reform”, but joyous to see the public is finally less willing to drink the proverbial Obama cool aid this time around. The media still has their usual “Barry Lovefest” going, but the population as a whole is starting to initiate their brains and see that this president, his administration, and the congress as a whole for the lying, cheating, misleading, power hungry, socialist control freaks they happen to be and that they are currently not interested in seeing the United States succeed. It’s a revelation that finally this country may be waking up; it’s unfortunate it had to happen due to an “idiotic” uninformed off the cuff comment he should have never made undermining the law enforcement profession as well as this horrible healthcare initiative that will help a select few at the costly expense to many while giving more power to the centralized federal government. The fact that this healthcare program gives a lot of extra power to the federal government is a huge issue for myself, and hopefully a lot of other citizens; not even mentioning the basic logical arguments about how cost inefficient this program really is for the current and future citizens.

Switching gears; a massive well deserved and not mentioned nearly enough for my taste or for what they do on a daily basis for our freedoms and safety; thank you all service men and women for serving our great country! Especially my recently deployed brother fighting tyranny and evil while protecting my freedoms and providing safety, Thank you Philip and God Bless You and everyone you are serving with as well as wishing you a safe and expedient return to the states. Have a great week and rest of summer all, good bye.


The Audacity of Liberalism

After reading an article about a political action committee, Americans United for Change, which was advocating that citizens in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Ohio call their Republican senators and complain that they were to elected to represent them not Rush Limbaugh I felt compelled to act. Now the sheer comedic value of actual people spending their time to place those worthless calls is hilarious. It’s also extremely discouraging and sad to a certain extent; all you hear these days from the liberal camp is unity, change, and non-partisanship need to rain supreme. Unfortunately what they really stand for is fascism; essentially you are with us or against us. Forget principles, ideology, constituents, logical debate, or anything resembling an intelligent governing platform and submit to ours because the populace gave us power. Absolutely ridiculous, the basis for a society which employs a multiple party system is to have the minority represented; now whether or not they are successful in not allowing the majority to run rampant is an entirely different story. Due to this I felt compelled to write this organization, and thank them for pointing out what a great job my Republican senator John Ensign was doing for his constituency. This is the actual email I sent to them:



 I noticed that your organization is urging voters to call their Senators in Nevada and some other states. I wanted to applaud you for your efforts, but not in the way you envision. I would only call Senator Ensign to thank him for protecting me, my money, my children’s future, our economy, and our values that government shouldn’t give handouts to people who have done nothing to earn them. It goes against any model of free or open markets to have government interference at this magnitude, not to mention the ridiculous amount of pork your democratic friends have managed to squeeze into it. So keep fighting the good fight and coming to the attention of informed, intelligent, articulate, and passionate people who disagree greatly with your principles; as well as the manner in which your type of organization monopolizes the common people and corrupts the government.

 Good luck,

Rob, a concerned Nevada voter”


I severely doubt that this organization will even reply, but if I caused one of them to read this for thirty seconds I will feel like a winner. Ultimately I hope that the same person that is forced to read it will actually think about it and be angry or frustrated that people with a differing viewpoint will actually take the time to point it out to them. I truly believe that these organizations need to be held accountable; in terms of if you disagree with them it is your duty to voice your opinion to them. The best part of this entire scenario is the fact that the liberal left just spent eight years acting in as partisan of a manner as humanly possible, and now it’s up to the conservative base to submit to this hypocrisy. Audacity coupled with amazement is the exact feeling I have for all liberals currently. Absolutely asinine that people can actually promote their actions through voting for, raising money, or lobbying for these illogical idiots is frightening. 

The Dream not Realized…

The election of Barack Obama and the subsequent inauguration process are intriguing moments in the history of race relation in the United States of America. That being said, I firmly believe that Dr. King would be appalled that political pundits, news and media personalities, and the public in general believe that this would meet his criterion of him wanting his children to “one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. I sincerely hope that president Obama will have a successful term in office, and guide our great country to the best of his abilities creating a great economy as well as reinvigorated the United States of America.


Unfortunately, I am a realist and believe he is not qualified for this position. That is the biggest problem with defining Barack as fulfilling Dr. King’s dreams of a time when people would be evaluated by their abilities, integrity, ethics, and ingenuity. He was elected primarily as a force of change, not a change in the way the United States is governed, but a change in the color of people governing. He was judged by the color of his skin, and not by the content of his character. With his inappropriate and probably unethical dealings with other Chicago and Illinois officials, his associations with people known to hate and despise the United States otherwise known as terrorists, and his unproven track record as a government official it would be nearly impossible to assert that he was judged by his character. If both people running for the office of president had never been shown, their party affiliations never revealed, their names never known, and no media bias I seriously doubt that anywhere near 56% of voters would have voted for Mr. Obama. He simply doesn’t have the credentials or the experience to be the commander in chief of the United States of America. He was simply elected because people wanted change, as in a change in the type or race of people that are governing. That’s what they voted for and that’s what they got. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but as every bettor knows it’s normally in your best interest to bet against the public money.


All that being said, I am a United States citizen first and foremost, and I will hope, pray, disagree when I need to, and support my president. I also need all the political pundits, news and media personalities, and the public in general to stop comparing the election of Barack Obama with Dr. Kings’ dream being realized. The election is an emasculation of his ideals, he did not wish for people to elect a black or ethnic president simply because of his race, but rather he wanted people to select the best person regardless of race. 

Pelosi Car – Just Funny!


The Steelers, my team for over 40 years, are back! The Steeler nation has been concerned about the offense until yesterday. I know that they didn’t produce all that many points (special teams were the difference), but they finally started running! Running has been the key to success for the team with the best record since the league alignment change in the 1970’s. Many people say the key is defense, but the truth is that the defense needs a running game to keep them fresh & rested and in the number one ranking.

Yesterday was a great victory and I predict they will again go all the way!

BCS Buster Part Two

Let the Debate Begin! It happens every January throughout the United States, rabid college football fans debate the validity of the BCS system and come to no consensus on which teams should play for a national championship.

Utah is no stranger to reeking havoc on the BCS system; in 2005 they won the Fiesta Bowl in convincing fashion, although this years rendition was against the former #1 team in the nation. Even though a lot of fans are anti-BCS they cannot decide on only two teams to via for the most coveted award in their sport. Inevitably the subject of a playoff is broached, and then it turns to a playoff of how many teams? Eventually this breaks down and no viable options are laid out on the table that would convince the majority of college programs to give away the vast source of money the bowl system specifically the BCS provides them. It really is unfortunate for all sports fans that college football is weakened by this system as opposed to college basketball which is strengthened greatly by its phenomenal post season tournament.

The silver lining for us fans; more non-BCS teams winning major bowls and winning in convincing fashion, more non-traditional power house programs going through the regular season unbeaten and playing a bowl game that isn’t for the national championship, and more seasons that end without a distinct national champion. All we have to hope for is teams that go against the BCS grain and force the powers that be in college football to make the necessary changes regardless of a short term loss of revenue and institute a playoff system that allows the teams to decide it on the field not in the polls.

As the bowl season continues to move along at a snails pace with meaningless games, as far as the national championship picture is concerned, Texas versus Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl and Florida versus Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship game are the only games that carry any significance. To further muddy the waters, if Texas blows out Ohio State and Oklahoma wins a tight game against Florida, who deserves to be the national champions? A case could be argued for a undefeated Utah team, a Texas team that beat Oklahoma by ten points on a neutral field, and an Oklahoma team that beat Florida in the championship game. It’s time for college football to step into the twenty first century and adopt a system that allows the teams to determine the national championship on the field.

Top News of 2008

The year 2008, different than others, maybe or maybe not, but according to our news analysis there were five major news events.

The cosmic battle of good versus evil continues. This battle has continued throughout time and is always the major story of every year. Christians believe that since the fall of people from the Garden of Eden the battle has been underway with the evil one – satan. Other religions also believe in this battle and it is apparent that all people of the world are engaged in this battle each day. The evil one continually spreads lies and deceit to make our lives in this world harder. The media of the modern world refuses to cover this as a clear cut issue, but this battle is at the root of everything in the world. Even for people who don’t believe in religion this is the big issue every day, think about it and you will agree.

Throughout the world today terrorism- acts of violence against civilians by evil forces continue. The media covers these acts generally in an objective way, which really results in coverage slanted towards the cowardly perpetrators, but fails to believe that this is the number one story of today.

For some time across the world the news media has become polarized and hasn’t covered issues objectively, mostly because that would not be as interesting and might not produce as much money, but also because objectivity is no longer demanded by news patrons. The coverage of the United States presidential elections was so polarized and slanted that objective views did not exist. How unfortunate for now and the future.

Called the meltdown, collapse, and other hyperbole by the media the events that have occurred in the world this year may turn out to be as bad as the coverage indicates, but also may not. The financial events in the US economy may be a somewhat normal downturn as such events have occurred several times in US history, or not, but what is very interesting and never mentioned by the media is the extent of world reliance on the US economy. In terms of size, measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP or how much is produced) according the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the CIA world book, the US is the number one ranked country. The US economy is so big that it is roughly the same as the next four ranked countries, Japan, Germany, China, and Britain combined!

Now that global warming isn’t really happening so much, turns out the earth is actually cooling, the people who previously said that we (the people) were responsible for warming are now turning their message to climate change. They are gradually making the same claims about people causing damaging changes in climate, so that no matter what happens on that front; hot, cold, or something in the middle, it will be terrible!! And our fault!!

Looking forward to 2009!